Hamilton Police Announce Mandatory Vaccines for Members

Hamilton Police Service will implement a mandatory vaccination requirement for its members, effective October 4, 2021.

With concerns around the fourth wave and the prevalence of the Delta variant, the police service has an obligation to ensure a safe workplace for Hamilton Police Service members and the broader public.

“As a Service, we believe mandatory vaccinations are just one of the ways we can reassure our members and the public that we have taken the necessary steps to protect ourselves and the community we serve, “says Chief Frank Bergen.

Throughout the pandemic, Hamilton Police Service has been adhering to public health guidelines around social distancing, hand washing, mask wearing and other PPE requirements. Mandatory vaccinations will add another level of protection in the fight against COVID-19.

Members will be required to provide proof of vaccination status by October 4, 2021. Hamilton Police also recognize its responsibilities and duties under the Ontario Human Rights Code. If a member is unable to be vaccinated due to a protected ground, Hamilton Police Service has a duty to accommodate.

“We took a robust approach in advocating to get our members vaccinated as soon as possible, now we need to be leaders in making those vaccines mandatory.”