Hamilton, Ontario,

Hamilton Police Tell Stunt Drivers - Take it to the Track

Hamilton Police are teaming up with the Hamilton Fire Department, Hamilton Paramedic Service, Pinnacle Advanced Driving Academy and Toronto Motorsports to address the growing concern of stunt driving in the city by encouraging residents to ‘Take it to the Track.’

Hamilton has seen an increase in the number of deaths and serious injuries due to stunt driving. On June 13, 2018, two vehicles were racing on Queenston Road when one of them struck another vehicle entering the roadway. The driver of the third vehicle was killed in the collision. On August 4, 2018, an Infiniti G35 was reportedly racing another vehicle on King Street West when it crashed into an apartment building, leaving the passenger seriously injured. Most recently, a Ford Taurus was travelling on Nebo Road at a high rate of speed when it overtook another vehicle and struck an oncoming car resulting in five people being seriously injured, including an infant.

Last year Hamilton Police issued 50 tickets for stunt driving. In 2018, 52 tickets have been given out so far.

“We know that stunt driving occurs on highways and streets throughout Hamilton and in all weather conditions,” said Deputy Chief Kinsella. Drivers who choose to disobey the speed limit, risk public safety and their own, should be aware that Hamilton Police take a zero-tolerance approach through enforcement.

There are several violations that fall under the stunt driving category, the most common are:

  • Speeding, driving in excess of 50 kilometers per hour of the posted speed limit
  • Racing
  • Motorcycle wheelies
  • Purposely skidding tires and burnouts

Immediate penalties for stunt driving include:

  • Seizure of vehicle for seven days
  • Suspension of driver’s licence for seven days
  • Upon conviction, a driver will receive additional penalties which can include:
    • A fine between $2,000 and $10,000
    • Possible driver’s licence suspension up to two years
    • Seven demerit points
    • A dramatic increase in insurance rates

Stunt driving is a serious offence. Hamilton Police are encouraging thrill-seeking drivers to visit Toronto Motorsports on Kohler Road, a 20-minute drive outside of Hamilton. They are equipped with a closed-circuit road course, a drag strip and qualified driving training staff.

There is a time and place for this type of driving and it should never include the roads of Hamilton, so ‘Take it to the Track.’