Hamilton, Ontario ,

Sleeping Youth Under a Pick-Up Truck Sparks a Break and Enter Investigation in Dundas

Police charge youth for Break and Enter in the Dundas area.

On May 6, 2019, shortly before 5:30 a.m. a homeowner in the area of Park Street West and Brock Street North in Dundas attended her kitchen after hearing noises. The resident was startled when she realized someone was actually inside her home looking through items. The homeowner’s presence scared off the suspects and they ran quickly out the door, taking a purse filled with identification, personal items and money. Police arrived and searched the area with negative results.

Shortly, after 8:00 a.m., that same morning police were approached about a male youth lying underneath a pick-up truck parked on Brock Street North. Police attended the location and found the youth sleeping. He was in possession of stolen property. Police continued the investigation to try and locate the origin of the property. They were able to confirm they had grounds to arrest and charge the youth with the break and enter offence.


Male (15-year-old) Hamilton resident


  • Possession under $5000
  • Break and enter (youth)

Hamilton Police want to remind the public to take an extra minute to ensure all doors and windows are locked before bedtime. Keeping exterior residential lighting on during evening hours will light up your property and assist in the reduction of crime.