Hamilton, Ontario,

Vehicle Thefts Rising in Hamilton

Tips to Protect Your Vehicle

Vehicle thefts are rising in Hamilton and Hamilton Police are urging the public to take steps to keep vehicles safe from would-be thieves.

In 2018, Hamilton Police received 1553 stolen auto reports, a slight increase from 1453 in 2017. Trucks continue to be the most commonly stolen vehicle in Hamilton, with the 2001-2007 GMC Sierra and Chevrolet Silverado leading the way. Last year, 1022 trucks were stolen, compared to 486 automobiles and 45 motorcycles.

Vehicles are stolen for a number of reasons such as joyriding, criminal profit such as stripping parts, robberies, home invasions, break and enters or vehicle cloning (creating a new VIN Number and reselling the vehicle to an unsuspecting victim).


It’s important to remember that a car thief can steal your car in less than 30 seconds – without a key. While no set of security measures are 100 per cent effective, they can help reduce the risk of vehicle theft. Here’s a list of helpful tips to help keep your vehicle safe.



Always lock your vehicle and close your windows.

Leave the original vehicle ownership, insurance or your driver’s licence in your vehicle.

Park in well-lit, well attended areas whenever possible.

Hide spare vehicle keys in the vehicle or on the vehicle’s exterior. Thieves know where to find them.

Remove GPS, cell phone and other electronic accessories from view when leaving your vehicle.

Leave your vehicle running.

Lock all valuables in your trunk, out of sight. If you can’t, take your valuables with you.


When parking, turn your wheels and set your parking brake to make towing your vehicle more difficult.


Permanently etch the Vehicle Identification Number onto the windows of your car.


Utilize an anti-theft device such as a steering wheel lock, a kill switch, an immobilizer, alarm and/or tracking system.


Use your garage for parking your vehicle.


For more crime prevention tips, visit www.hamiltonpolice.on.ca.