Appointed Chief in May 2021, Chief Frank Bergen is responsible for one of the largest major municipal law enforcement agencies in the Province of Ontario.

Frank is a long time Hamilton resident and has proudly served communities as a police officer for over 39 years.  Prior to being sworn in as Deputy Chief with the Hamilton Police Service in April 2018, Frank spent 36 years with the Toronto Police Service where he was recognized as a progressive leader in policing, with a reputation for treating people in a fair and equitable manner.  Frank brought those qualities, together with his commitment to improving community safety, crime prevention and customer service, to Hamilton where he oversaw both Operations and Support during his tenure as Deputy Chief.  Best described as an operational man, Frank believes in working closely with community partners to achieve his goal of improving the quality of life and safety of residents in the City through a process of building trust and turning challenges into opportunities.  Frank has been married to Anne Marie for 32 years and they have two daughters together.