The main responsibility of the Hamilton Police Service’s Community Mobilization Division (CMD) is to assist in providing public safety in the most effective and efficient manner and to assist with the reduction and prevention of crime.These strategies are provided by the specialized units within the Community Mobilization Division.

The units are:

The Action Team was created as a city-wide initiative intended to reduce violence, improve safety and enhance the quality of life in Hamilton’s most vulnerable neighbourhoods.The team is focused on intervention, prevention, enforcement and community mobilization. The teams patrol either on foot or bicycle and are easily recognizable by their bright yellow jackets

The Hamilton Police Auxiliary Unit
The Hamilton Police Auxiliary Program consists of highly trained volunteers called Auxiliary Officers who represent the diverse cultural backgrounds, careers and age of Hamilton residents. Their main role is to support police officers by attending special community fundraising events, RIDE programs, patrol escorts, emergency callouts.

The Bail Compliance Unit (BCU) The Bail Compliance Unit is a service-wide crime prevention initiative intended to identify and manage violent offenders through education and bail compliance investigations. The unit identifies and manages violent offenders through bail compliance checks and limits offenders’ opportunities to re-offend.

The Crime Prevention Unit (CPU) works in partnership with our communities to develop and implement programs that promote safety and positive relationships throughout the community.

Crime Stoppers is an anonymous citizen participation program that works to help stop, prevent, and solve crime.  Crime Stopper tips are anonymous and are utilized as an investigative tool to assist in furthering positive outcomes of investigations.

The Crisis Response Unit is designed to serve individuals in crisis to ensure the right response with the right people at the right time. The unit is comprised of three units for a full response along a continuum of client needs.


Crisis Outreach and Support Team (COAST) is a partnership program with St. Joseph’s Healthcare and the Hamilton Police Service and serves the residents of the City of Hamilton who have serious mental health issues and are in crisis. COAST is a multidisciplinary team consisting of child and youth crisis workers, mental health workers, nurses, social workers and plain-clothes police officers.

Mobile Crisis Rapid Response Team (MCRRT) is a partnership program between St Joseph’s Healthcare and the Hamilton Police Service. The program provides a front line immediate response for those people in our community that are in crisis. It pairs a Mental Health Worker from St Joseph’s Healthcare with a patrol officer to provide a quality response to those in crisis or suffering from a mental illness.

The Social Navigation Program (SNP) is a partnership between the Hamilton Police Service and Hamilton Emergency Medical Services. The program connects and supports individuals through a referral process by engaging all social and healthcare agencies in the City of Hamilton.  The goal is to reduce the reliance on the judicial system by navigating individuals with negative police contact toward the appropriate social service agencies while improving health, safety, and quality of life for all citizens.

The Mounted Patrol Unit (MPU) is a crime prevention program that through the use of horses maintains high police visibility, communicates with the public and BIAs.  The Mounted Unit has been effective in community event crowd control and protest movements as well as in search and rescue missions.

The Victim Services Branch (VSB) is the only 24-hour on scene crisis intervention service for victims of crime and trauma in the City of Hamilton.  The Unit responds to the immediate needs of people who have been victimized by crime and or trauma such as homicides, suicides, sudden death, assaults, sexual assaults, domestic violence, motor vehicle and fire fatalities, robberies, and harassment. The Unit is staffed by civilian members and specially trained volunteers.

The Youth Services division is responsible for establishing, implementing and monitoring policies pertaining to youth crime. They also monitor the service’s response to youth crime to ensure consistency of dispositions. The unit also acts as a liaison with other agencies and other parts of the justice system regarding effective youth service delivery.