Towing and Vehicle Seizure

There are several reasons why Police seize vehicles: 

  • Impaired driving or 12 hour license suspension.
  • Highway Traffic Act offence.
  • The occupant was arrested and cannot care for the vehicle.
  • Impeding traffic.
  • Parking violations.
  • The vehicle may be evidence to a crime.

When a vehicle is seized, police will ensure the vehicle is safe and secure. The police will then make an effort to contact the registered owner of the vehicle. Only the owner is authorized to pick up the vehicle.

If your vehicle has been towed by Hamilton Police, you must report to one of our three stations to obtain a vehicle release form. Please bring proper identification to show that you own the vehicle.

Upon receiving the vehicle release form, you may then attend the appropriate tow compound and pay all applicable fees.

For more information please contact us at 905-546-4759 or [email protected]

  Light Heavy E-Bike & Scooters
Towing Fee $275 $450 $75
Secondary Tow $140   $20
Storage (per Day) $60 $90 $10

Fee (In excess of one hour at scene of Tow) (per half hour)

$50 $95 $20

Hamilton Police have contracts with the following tow companies:

E-Bike & Scooters tows
A-Action, Abrams, Classic, Gemax, Precision, Trotters and Waterdown.

Secure tows
A-Action, ABC, Abrams, Carstar, Classic, 3D, Express, Extreme, Gemax, Metro, Mike's, Mills, Precision, Safeway, Trotters and Waterdown. 

If a citizen makes their own tow arrangements, the applicable fee is between the tow company and the person making the call. Hamilton Police cannot be held accountable for tow for companies outside those contracted with our service.

The regular business hours for the Police contract tow companies are Monday- Friday 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

A $75 fee is applied if a tow operator is required to attend their compound after hours.