It will be necessary for you to attend the Records Business Centre, complete a 'Consent to Release' form and remit a fee of $50.00+HST.  We will need to confirm your identity at the time the request is submitted.

If you are seeking driver/witness statements from MVC reports,you will have to make this request separately from MVC report itself.

The cost of driver/witness statement is $50.00+HST.

A photocopy of the actual accident report will be mailed to you with the names and addresses of witnesses severed from the report.  

If your lawyer or insurance company is making the request on your behalf, a Consent to Release form with your signature is still required.

If you have any further questions, please contact our Motor Vehicle Accident Clerk at (905) 546-4987.


Request - Consent and Direction Application.pdf (183 KB)


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