Every year, around 600 bicycles are stolen from locations across Hamilton. Most bikes are never reunited with their owners. Hamilton Police want to change that statistic through our online bike registry. It’s simple. Register your bike with the serial number, make and model. Then, if your bike is stolen and we find it, we can easily return it to you.

It’s that easy!

Bike Registraton


  • On average, 600 bikes are stolen in Hamilton per year and only 4% of stolen bikes in Hamilton are recovered
  • Approximately 20% of bikes recovered by HPS are returned to their owner

What You Can Do

  • Register your bike!
  • If your bike is stolen and recovered, HPS can easily reunite you and your bike
  • Add a sticker to your bike – HPS has created stickers as a means of deterrence. You can pick up a sticker at local bike shops or visit any local police station  

What to do if your bike is stolen