The mandate of the Bail Compliance Unit (BCU) is to promote public safety and reduce the fear of crime by implementing a Bail Compliance Program. This program is a service-wide crime prevention initiative intended to identify and manage violent offenders through education and bail compliance investigations.

The Bail Compliance Unit (BCU) is supportive to the ACTION Intervention Strategy “Addressing Crime Trends in our Neighbourhoods”. It remains a highly visible unit that identifies and manages violent offenders through bail compliance checks and limits offenders’ opportunities to re-offend. The BCU remains supportive of the Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Services Provincial Anti-Violence Intervention Strategy (PAVIS) and the Ministry of Community Safety and Social Services priority to increase prevention and enforcement efforts that specifically address violent crimes.

The Bail Compliance Unit is also responsible for the participants in the Hamilton Drug Treatment Court (HDTC).  Hamilton Drug Treatment Court, in cooperation with the Hamilton Police Service, takes a comprehensive approach intended to reduce the number of crimes committed to support drug dependence through judicial supervision, comprehensive substance abuse treatment, random and frequent drug testing, incentives and sanctions, clinical case management, social services support, and bail compliance checks. The approach is aimed at reducing the harm people cause to themselves and to others through their drug use, as well as reducing the risk that these individuals will continue to use drugs and thereby come into conflict with the law.