Service Profile

Hamilton is situated on the western end of Lake Ontario. In 2015, the Hamilton Police Service provided policing services to 550,756 residents.

The Hamilton Police Service is comprised of three patrol divisions, each with its own command staff.

In 2015, we deployed 848 police officers and 306 civilian members and responded to approximately 80,000 calls-for-service. Our operating budget for 2015 was $149,100,000.

Policing Model

Our service has engaged in business planning since 1991. Over the years, our vision, mission and values have guided our police operations. As well, we have moved from a command and control model of policing to a proactive community-based and problem-solving model.

Our Vision, Mission and Values

Our Vision: What we are Striving for

To be the best and most progressive police service in partnership with our communities.

The Hamilton Police Service will collaborate with its communities to be a world-class, accountable and trusted leader in providing the highest quality policing.

Our Mission: Why we Exist

To serve and protect in partnership with our communities.

The Hamilton Police Service is dedicated to serve and protect the people and diversity of our city in collaboration with our communities.

Statement of Commitment

The Hamilton Police Service is committed to fostering a strong culture of human rights and inclusiveness in policing in Hamilton.

Our Values

What we believe in:

Relentless pursuit of offenders

The Hamilton Police Service will make use of all of its resources to prevent, detect and suppress crime and ensure that offenders are held accountable for their actions.

Equitable treatment

The Hamilton Police Service embraces diversity and inclusivity by treating all members of the communities and the Service honestly and fairly.

Sensitivity to victims of crime

The Hamilton Police Service assists all those who have been victims of crime with sensitivity and compassion and provides services to help them deal with their experience.

Performing with integrity

The Hamilton Police Service is committed to delivering services through the honesty and integrity of the organization and members.

Education, Continuous Learning and innovation

The Hamilton Police Service believes in continuous education, learning and growth for all members of the communities and the Service, aimed at developing and implementing innovative solutions and practices adapted to the needs of our city, communities and police service.

Commitment to quality service

The Hamilton Police Service is committed to providing the highest standards of quality of service for policing through continuous improvement of our practices, fiscal accountability and performance.


The Hamilton Police Service works as a team, collaborates with community stakeholders, shares resources as needed and takes part in community activities aimed at sustaining visible and effective relationships and improving crime prevention and protection

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