Hamilton Police Service, in partnership with the City of Hamilton's Neighbourhood Development Strategies, Urban Renewal Section of Economic Development and Hamilton Paramedic Service developed an innovative program to refer “at risk” people and those who have had repeat interactions with the Hamilton Police Service, to the appropriate agencies.

The program is our Social Navigator Project (SNP) and is part of our anti-violence ACTION strategy.

Social Navigator Project Mandate

The mandate of the program is to reduce contacts with repeat offenders and to get them the appropriate care that best serves their needs.

How Does SNP Work?

The Social Navigator is a full-time paramedic. He works very closely with the Hamilton Police Service ACTION officers. Each day, the Social Navigator interacts with ACTION officers regarding repeat offenders who they encounter in their deployment zones. The Navigator will then work with a variety of different social agencies to help provide the appropriate care to best serve the clients' needs.

SNP is also being supported by the court system, with some repeat offenders being mandated to participate as part of their release conditions.

The Social Navigator Project is a made-in-Hamilton solution that is reconnecting people who are in need with the services and support they require. This wrap-around social service solution is positively impacting people's lives and our community. It responds to the complexities of issues in people's lives. It's a new approach to breaking the cycle of repeat offenders that is improving outcomes and optimizing resources.