ProAction is a registered charity that partners with police services in Toronto, Durham, Hamilton and Niagara to bring cops and kids together in fun, positive programs in order to build a mutual understanding and respect that improves communication, increases collaboration and makes our communities a safer place to live.

In Hamilton alone, ProAction has partnered with over 535 Hamilton Officers, engaged more than 1,814 Hamilton youth and distributed close to $135,060 to support 58 programs.

ProAction programs have a tremendous impact on the lives of its young participants and on an officers' ability to perform their duties. Struggling students are taught skills and discipline that motivate them to succeed academically.

At ProAction Cops & Kids, we believe that establishing a positive relationship between cops and kids at risk will strengthen our community today and for the future. By funding programs that bring cops and kids together, we help create an environment of mutual understanding and respect.

The Hamilton Police Service is dedicated to building better relationships between cops and kids through ProAction events. A working group has been formed to assist officers withing to participate or develop ProAction Programs. The mandate of this group is to support and promote the development of sustainable Hamilton Police Service ProAction events.

The commander for this group is Deputy Chief Ken Weatherill

In 2015, the Hamilton Police Service delivered 11 ProAction programs, had 275 youth participants, 137 officer participants and recieved $22,361.50 in Pro-Action Program Funding.


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