What is Project Concern?

A group of Civilian and Sworn members from the Hamilton Police Service who raise funds from colleagues within the Hamilton Police Service then disperse donations to charities within our Community.

Our mandate

Providing support to our Community by funding various projects that will directly improve the quality of life within our Community with an emphasis on community members that have urgent needs.

How we achieve our mandate

We accomplish this by providing financial assistance, volunteer hours, and in promoting Project Concern to charitable organizations primarily involved in Health, Children's, and Counseling programs.

Who benefits

In 2015, Project Concern received $41,619 in contributions from members of the Hamilton Police Service. These funds were dispersed amongst 41 charities across the city. The charts below demonstrate how the funds were allocated in 2015.  Some of our charitable recipients include: Bereaved Families of Ontario, St Joseph's Foundation, McMaster Children's Hospital, Ronald McDonald House, Bob Kemp Hospice, various shelters, Food 4 Kids, Micah House for refugees, and many more.

Our flagship event remains the “It's a Kid's Christmas”, celebrated annually at Carmen's Banquet Centre. The management of Carmen’s Group, along with many volunteers from the Hamilton Police Service and their families, ensure this event is a fulfilling day for hundreds of underprivileged children. The evening features a great meal, entertainment and a Christmas gift for each child. Many look with anticipation to this event as a way to spread good cheer at a festive time of the year. At the Hamilton Police Service we deeply value our communities, and are keenly aware of the need faced by many of our youth. In many ways this event allows us to build and maintain new and existing relationships with the people we serve.

Donations to Health Programs (39%) $16,050.00

Donations to Children’s Program (37%) $15,519.96

Donations to Counseling Services (24%) $10,050.00

Total Donations 2015: $41,619.96