Officers Serving In Ontario

Below are the steps for applying to our Service if you are an officer serving in Ontario OR with the RCMP, and have completed your probationary period.

Step 1:  We ask that all applicants submit an updated resume and supporting cover letter to email:[email protected]. Include in the subject line: Last Name, First Name: HPS Police Constable – Lateral Transfer.

Step 2:  You will be contacted to attend and complete a Pre-Background Questionnaire(PBQ), Mini-Local Focus Interview and two Psychological Questionnaires. 

Step 3:  If you do not have your fit-pin you will then schedule it with a Recruiter with the Hamilton Police Service to obtain it.

Step 4:  A background investigation will commence. We will only contact your current police service once all other references have been interviewed.

Step 5:  Panel interview - you will be contacted to attend a three-on-one interview. This behavioural style interview will last about 60 minutes and will provide you with an opportunity to demonstrate how you display the essential competencies of a police officer through your day-to-day work experiences.

Step 6:  Psychological Evaluation - you will be required to attend an evaluation with an approved Doctor. This evaluation typically lasts about 60 minutes and will test for psychopathy and job suitability.

Step 7:  A job offer will be made, conditional on a successful medical evaluation for the new applicant.

Note:    You are required to have a current fitness pin and up-to-date First Aid and CPR certificates prior to an offer of employment being made.

Officers Serving Outside Ontario

Below are the steps for applying to our Service if you are an officer serving with a municipal, regional or provincial police service outside of Ontario, and have completed your probationary period. The application process is the same as that for Officers Serving In Ontario - The only difference being, you will be required to have your Basic Constable Training Diploma, which was issued by the Police College or Academy that you attended, evaluated by the Director of the Ontario Police College. This will ensure that the qualifications and standards attained by you in your Province meet those as set out by the Police Service Act of Ontario.

  1. Apply on-line and include your resume and cover letter.
  2. Once we review your application we may ask for more documents (Police diploma, transcripts from Police College, and at least one letter of reference from jurisdiction in which you serve. The reference letter should set out the nature of police experience). We will send these documents to Ontario Police College for review.You will be required to pass a series of exams at the Ontario Police College to continue in the process as lateral hire. 

Will I be required to attend the Ontario Police College if I am hired?

If the diploma you received from the Police College or academy you attended is accepted by the Ontario Police College then you will be hired as a lateral transfer and will normally partake in our Advance Patrol Training Course which covers our provincial statutes. If your diploma is not accepted by the Ontario Police College your application will be processed as a new hire and you will not be treated as a lateral transfer.

Officers Serving Outside of Canada

It is of great benefit for the Hamilton Police Service to hire experienced officers. Unfortunately we cannot recognize policing qualifications from other countries as the laws and training standards are so different. If you are a serving officer in another country, you will have to go through the same application process as a new recruit.

Can I get an offer of employment before becoming a Permanent Resident?

The Police Services Act of Ontario states that to be eligible to become a police officer in Ontario, you must be a Canadian Citizen or Permanent Resident. This means you will be required to have your Permanent Resident Status before an offer of employment can be made. For information on Canada’s immigration process, proceed to

Can I commence the application process before I become a Permanent Resident?

Yes, if you obtain your O.A.C.P. Certificate of Results you may submit your application and you will be processed as a new recruit but be aware that it can be a lengthy process to obtain your Permanent Resident Status.

Should you have further questions please feel free to contact the Sergeant Recruiting and Career Development at 905-540-5356.

We thank all candidates for their interest and will be in touch by email or telephone with those selected for interview.