title="When can I enter the Promotional Process?"

You can enter the Promotional Process after achieving two (2) years service with the Hamilton Police Service, as long as your total continuous and cumulative police service is five (5) years or greater.

You are not eligible to sign for annual leave in the calendar year in which you become a member of the Hamilton Police Service.

(a)  join in February 2014 – eligibility commences January 2015
(b)  join in December 2014 – eligibility commences January 2015

Yes. If you obtained an overall average mark of 70% or higher on the OPC Promotional Exam it can be accepted.

You are eligible to apply to any posted Career Development position that is open to any other Member of the same rank.  Detective Constable positions that require you to be qualified to the rank of Sergeant will not be available to you until you have completed two (2) years service with the Hamilton Police Service and have successfully passed the Ontario Police College (OPC) Promotional Exam.

A Member must have completed a minimum of eight (8) years of continuous, unbroken service as a police officer with the Hamilton Police Service to qualify for the 1st level of performance pay.

For the purposes of annual leave entitlement, seniority will be based on continuous cumulative police service, including prior service from other police services if the following conditions are met:

  • The service must be continuous, unbroken police service;
  • The Member must provide proof of prior service from their prior Service and submit this to Human Resources.

Seniority for the purposes of annual leave signing will be calculated based on seniority only with the Hamilton Police Service.

Sick days are accumulated at a rate of 1.5 days per unbroken month of service.  You must have nine (9) days in the “sick bank” before you are eligible to take a paid sick day.  At the rate of 1.5 days per month, it will take six (6) months to accumulate nine (9) days.

You will be eligible to become an Acting Sergeant upon completing two (2) years of service with the Hamilton Police Service and having successfully passed the OPC Promotional Exam.

Presently we do not pay lateral transfer officers higher that the 1st Class Constable rate.  Therefore, if you are a Sergeant with your current Service your would be given the rank of 1st Class Constable with our Service and receive the corresponding rate of pay.

You will still have to wait the two year period should you have prior sworn service with Hamilton Police Service.

You are eligible to write the OPC Promotional Exam in your fifth year of continuous, cumulative sworn police service.