You will receive a Certificate of Results after you complete the following tests:

What is the PATI?

The Police Analytical Thinking Inventory (PATI) is a paper-and-pencil test that assesses your ability to think analytically. The PATI takes approximately 90 minutes and tests three key areas:

  • Deductive Reasoning: The ability to draw appropriate conclusions from information provided. Police are often required to make sense of evidence by drawing conclusions about its relevance and meaning. Syllogisms and True Time tasks are used to evaluate this area of competency.
  • Inductive Reasoning: The ability to identify patterns or common traits in objects or information. Police officers often need to sift through seemingly disconnected facts and make judgments about how they fit together. Classification and Series Completion are used to evaluate this area of competency.
  • Quantitative Reasoning: The ability to apply basic arithmetic operations like addition, subtraction, multiplication, division and fractions to solve problems. Police often need to determine things like rates of speed or stopping distance. This ability is tested through Word Problems and Arithmetic tasks.

What is a Syllogism, a True Time task, etc.?

These are specific tests that were designed by the Applicant Testing Service. By surfing the web under each of these headings, you should be able to obtain more information to help you prepare for these tests. Click here to find examples of these types of test questions.

How long is the test valid?

A successful result on the PATI remains valid for three years.

When can I take the PATI again?

If you have a valid PATI that is about to expire, you may re-write the test within the two-month period before the expiry date, or anytime after. If you failed your previous PATI, you must wait for six months before rewriting the test with any organization that provides testing services for the Constable Selection System.

What is the WCT?

After reading a scenario and organizing important facts to reconstruct what happened, you are tested on your ability to rewrite the scenario by organizing information in a clear, coherent and comprehensive manner.

How is the WCT administered?

The WCT is a paper and pencil test which must be completed in English and within one hour.

How long is WCT valid?

A successful result in the WCT will be valid for a period of 3 years.

When can I re-test the WCT?

When a successful WCT result is due to expire, a candidate may rewrite within 2 months prior to the expiry date, or anytime afterwards. Candidates who are unsuccessful on the WCT must, however, wait for a period of six months before they can write the test again with any organization or agency that provides testing services for the Constable Selection System:

How can I prepare for the WCT?

Click here for a practice WCT scenario.

What is the Physical Readiness Evaluation for Police Constable (PREP)?

The PREP helps to ensure that you have the physical abilities to take on the duties of a police officer. The PREP consists of a health-related questionnaire and a two-part physical skills and abilities test (Pursuit Restraint and Aerobic Shuttle Run). You must pass the screening criteria on the health questionnaire to proceed to the physical abilities tests. You then must successfully complete both the Pursuit Restraint Circuit and the Aerobic Shuttle Run to achieve a pass.

  • Health Questionnaire: You must submit a completed PAR-Q & You/PARmed-X questionnaire, which identifies any personal health risks associated with strenuous exercise. As well, you will be required to complete and sign a PREP Participant Consent Form. Your blood pressure will be measured when you arrive for testing. Applicants over 40 years of age must complete the PARmed-X form with their family physicians before the test date. Note: these forms must be submitted with your Registration package.
  • Pursuit Restraint Circuit:This requires you to complete, as quickly as possible, a 25-metre circuit four times (total distance = 100 metres) while wearing a four-kilogram soft weight belt. You will be asked to climb a set of stairs during each rotation. You will also need to scale a 1.2-metre fence in the second and fourth rotation. After completing the circuit, you will be asked to push and pull on the “body control” simulator, perform two “arm restraint” simulations, and drag a 68-kilogram rescue dummy for a distance of 15 metres.
  • Aerobic Shuttle Run: You will be required to run back and forth over a 20-metre course in time with tape recorded signals. The time to cover the 20- metre course is shortened progressively until you are unable to maintain the pace.

How long is the PREP good for?

The PREP is valid for six months and must be up-to-date throughout the application process.

When can I re-test the PREP?

Where a successful result is about to expire, you may repeat it within 2 months prior to the expiry date, or anytime thereafter. If you were unsuccessful in this test, you must wait three months before you can take the test again.

How can I prepare for the PREP?

Click below to learn how you can get ready for the PREP: PREP.pdf (FileSize 240 KB)

Where can I get more information on PREP?

For more information regarding the PREP test, contact ATS at 1-800-429-7728 or visit their website.

You will be asked to take a vision test to determine if you meet the following provincial standards:

uncorrected visual acuity should be at least 6/12 (20/40) binocularly (i.e. with both eyes open)

corrected Visual Acuity should at least be 6/6 (20/20) binocularly

There are additional minimum requirements regarding refractive surgery, farsightedness (hyperopia), colour vision, depth perception and peripheral vision. If you have had laser surgery or wear intra-ocular lenses, you must meet specific standards set by the Constable Selection System.

For more information on the vision test, please contact Applicant Testing Services at 1-800-429-7728.

Hearing is acceptable if the applicant is able to hear tones at the following frequencies and related decibel levels - candidates may also be required to undergo a speech recognition test as part of their hearing assessment:

  • four-frequency average (500,1000,2000,3000 Hz) of 25dB HL;
  • thresholds at none of these single frequencies shall exceed 35dB HL and thresholds at 4000Hz shall not exceed 45 dB HL

For more information about the hearing test, call ATS at 1-800-429-7728.

What is the Behavioural Personnel Assessment Device (BPAD)?

The BPAD is a 20-minute assessment which requires you to watch a scenario on a TV monitor. The scenario represents what police constables experience on the job, and you will be asked to respond as though the people on the screen are talking to you. Knowledge of police procedures is not necessary for this test. But you must first pass the PATI, WCB and PREP tests before you can take the BPAD.

How long is the test valid?

A successful result remains valid for three years.

When can I re-test the BPAD?

If you were successful and your result is due to expire, you may re-write within two months before the expiry date, or anytime after. If you were unsuccessful in the test you must wait six months before you can take the test again.

How can I prepare for the BPAD?

There is no real way to prepare for this portion of the certificate. It is merely an exercise which reflects your reaction to everyday scenarios that may be faced by police officers. Your reaction will be based on your life experiences, value-systems, and personal traits. The best advice is to "be yourself".