For general information or if you require Police assistance, but are not in an emergency situation (i.e. Reporting thefts, vandalism, fraud) or for other situations where no person or property is in immediate danger, please call our non-emergency telephone number 905 546-4925
Telephone Reporting
(via Communications Branch 905-546-4925)

Hamilton Police Service has a Telephone Reporting Centre that takes reports over the telephone. Certain non-emergency incidents have been identified as reports that can be taken by phone. The Communications Call Taker will take your name, address and phone number(s) and send it to the Telephone Reporting Centre. An Officer from the Telephone Reporting Centre will phone you back to take the report.

  • A report does not exist until you talk to an Officer from the Telephone Reporting Centre
  • You must have a return phone number available for the Telephone Reporting Centre to call you back
  • Try to keep your phone line clear so the Telephone Reporting Centre can reach you
NEW! Online Reporting
The Hamilton Police Service now supports Online Reporting for the following incidents:
Sexual Assaults – provided the following three criteria are met:
  • This is not an Emergency
  • There is no evidence that may be lost such as DNA (see frequently asked questions).~ Evidence is not required to report a sexual assault
  • You have an email address that the suspect does not have access to

Please click here for more information

Property Related Crime - for any of the following incidents:
  •  Damage/Mischief to Property (under $5,000)
  •  Damage/Mischief to Vehicle (under $5,000)
  •  Lost Property (under $5,000)
  •  Theft (under $5,000) - NOT motorized vehicles
  •  Theft from Vehicle (under $5,000)

        **Incidents involving suspects cannot be reported online.

If you believe your incident qualifies to be reported using our online system,

click here for more information  


Some non-urgent reports can’t be taken by telephone.  For these reports the Communications Call Taker will direct you to attend the closest police station for the report. 

Examples include:

  •   Lost or stolen drugs
  •   Lost ID
  •   Fraud reports

Central Station

155 King William St.
Box 1060, LCD1 Hamilton, ON
L8N 4C1


Reception: (905) 546-4772

Fax: (905) 546-3892



East End Station

2825 King St. E.
Hamilton, ON
L8G 1J6


Reception: (905) 546-2929

Fax: (905) 546-2967



Mountain Station

400 Rymal Rd. E.
Hamilton, ON
L9B 1C2


Reception: (905) 546-4930

Fax: (905) 546-3830



If you have any further inquiries send Us an E-mail

Please note this email is only monitored Monday through Friday, 8:30am to 4:30pm. For emergencies, call 911 and for urgent matters, please call 905-546-4925.