There are a large number of different types of alarms on the market today. Consequently, selecting an alarm system that is right for your business or home may be difficult. If you do decide to purchase an alarm system, purchase from a reputable firm. Check with other property owners to see if they are satisfied with their alarm system and service.

Additional things to consider when choosing an alarm company 

  • Are there hidden costs?
  • Does the alarm company have liability insurance?
  • What hours does the alarm company have? (24 hour customer care?)
  • Does the alarm company have bonded employees?
  • Does the alarm company meet industry standards? Underwriters Laboratories of Canada (ULC) is an independent product safety testing, certification and inspection organization that will ensure that your alarm company are following protocol with regards to installation, equipment use and business practices.

Further, take into consideration which type of alarm system will work best for your home or business and be sure to discuss your options with your alarm system provider.

Some examples include:

  • Interior vs Perimeter Protection
  • Hardware (perimeter protection, glass break detectors, hard-wires vs wireless, supervised vs unsupervised)
  • Off-Premises Monitoring
  • Two-Way Voice Monitoring
  • Audible vs Local Alarms

Once the alarm is installed, it should be checked regularly. All employees and responsible family members should receive proper training in the use of the alarm system. These precautions will reduce or eliminate false alarms for your property and ensure the alarm works when needed.

Finally, it is important that the police can reach a person who is responsible for the property in case of an emergency. Contact your police service and make sure the names and addresses of responsible persons are on file and up to date.

REMEMBER…..alarms should never replace good physical security.  An alarm is not a COMPLETE security system.  The GOAL of an alarm system is DETECTION with DELAY. Ensure that you integrate all aspects of physical security, natural surveillance and lifestyle to enhance the burglary resistance of the home or business.

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