Interior Lighting

At night, use timers to turn on lights and appliances (such as a radio) in a pattern that corresponds to your normal activities. This will give the illusion that the premise is occupied and may help to deter a break-in.

Exterior Lighting

  • At night, properly placed lighting can deter burglars or loiterers who are likely to engage in vandalism. Illuminate your entire property. To conserve hydro costs consideration can be given to the use of motion detection lamps. In addition, business premises should consider illuminating the roof, if it can be viewed in any way by people in the surrounding area.
  • Perimeter illumination should be continuous so as not to create dark spots. This occurs when perimeter walls jut in or out and have no dedicated lamps to illuminate those areas. The goal is to create an unbroken curtain of light. This can be achieved by façade, or exterior wall mounted lamps or stand-alone post mounted lamps.

Inspect your lights regularly and replace all burned out and broken lights immediately.