It is the goal of the False Alarm Reduction Unit to reduce false alarm dispatches in the City of Hamilton so officers can be available for emergencies.   Our goal is based on the mission of the Hamilton Police Service to serve and protect in partnership with our communities.
The Hamilton Police Service is pleased to launch a new By-Law for police response.  To view the By-Law you may click here.
Effective September 1, 2015, alarm companies will no longer pay to have a premises registered. Premises will no longer be subject to a suspension which will allow our officers to continue to provide outstanding protection and service.
 We have amended our cost recovery solution to address the demands for police response to monitored premises.  All false alarm fees will be charged directly to the monitoring stations representing the alarm owners.

Alarm companies are responsible for registering their customers.  They must submit the name, address, phone number and any key holder information of the business or residence.  Include the installer information and the responsible monitoring station. Please click here to obtain a registration form. The False Alarm Reduction Unit will add the information to our database and a permit number will be issued.  The False Alarm Reduction Unit shall be informed of any customer cancellations, moves or updates.The registration information can be submitted via email to   or mailed to 155 King William Street, Hamilton, Ontario L8R 1A7

Monitoring Station Responsibilities
Monitoring Stations are required to sign a Service Agreement with the Hamilton Police Services Board which will detail the procedures to be followed by the stations when placing a call for service. Calls for service made by the monitoring stations must be verified in accordance with one of the methods outlined in the Service Agreement.You may click here

Alarm Verification
Alarm verification is a strategy that the HPS will use to help prevent false alarms from being dispatched. The program requires that all alarm calls be verified prior to a request for police response. A verified alarm call will be dispatched to the first available police unit. A non-verified alarm call will be processed at a lower level, which could result in a significant delay before a dispatch is made.

For an alarm to be verified, the monitoring station must meet one of the following criteria:
• the company has established audio communication with the premises and has confirmed the need for emergency assistance; or
• the premises owner or a party present at the premises has activated the key pad panic authorization or hold up alarm; or
• the company has established video contact with the premises and has observed a security breach at the premises; or
• the company has established contact with the premises owner and has confirmed unauthorized activation of the premises alarm; or
• the company has made at least two attempts, utilizing two separate telephone numbers to contact the premises owner or authorized key holder; or
• the company has confirmed the presence of cross zone activation at the premises; or
• the company has confirmed  there is eye witness verification in support of the alarm

Cost Recovery
The Hamilton Police Service will invoice the monitoring station representing the premises a fee of $169.50 ($150.00 + $19.50 HST) for all alarms requesting a police dispatch which are found to be false. A partial fee of $84.75 ($75.00 + $9.75 HST) will be charged for a cancelled en route dispatch.
A false alarm is an alarm where there is no evidence that an unauthorized entry or unlawful act has occurred and will be supported by evidence of such to be accepted as an appeal.
Requests for police dispatch that come directly from the premises owner, or an agent acting on behalf of the owner, will be invoiced to the premises owner.

The False Alarm Reduction Unit will deal directly with alarm companies regarding appeal applications. In the event of an appeal, you may forward all relevant information to your alarm provider.
If the alarm is valid, meaning a break & enter has occurred, property damage etc.., it is expected that the home owner or business contact the HPS immediately for an Officer to attend and have a report completed.

Alarm System Owner Responsibilities
• ensure all users are educated and trained on proper operation of the system
• schedule routine maintenance  and change batteries for the system
• contact your alarm provider when your system is not working properly
• provide your monitoring station with an accurate and up to date key holder list, especially if travelling or on vacation
• ensure hanging or moving decorations will not activate motion sensors especially when heating systems are activated
• ensure all windows and doors are locked before activating the alarm system
• set the arming delay for a reasonable time period
• ensure your keypad is in an accessible location

The False Alarm Reduction Unit is located at 155 King William Street Hamilton, Ontario.    
We can be contacted by email or phone 905-546-4718.