Mail fraud and misleading advertisements in newspapers are also common forms of fraud. It is important not to be confused or misled by the many companies that sell products by mail and use contests or sweepstakes to catch your attention. Many are “too good to be true!” Here are some examples:

This notice comes in the mail and claims that you have won a lottery or huge prize. You are usually asked to either purchase a product, pay a processing fee or taxes. You are given very little time to respond to send money. You may also be asked to provide additional personal information and your credit card number.

There is a high probability that at some point you will receive one of those cards in the mail and it will more than likely indicate that you are a winner. You will be instructed to call a 1-900 number to claim you prize that will result in a significant phone bill, as 1-900 numbers have attached user fees.

An advertisement is placed in a local newspaper stating that you can earn extra money while working at home. The work may involve stuffing envelopes, making phone calls or other tasks. “Up front” money or a “registration fee” is required.  Sometimes you are even asked to resubmit your registration and fee. Unfortunately, you never hear from the promoter again.

You receive an e-mail offering an item or service for free. By responding, it verifies your e-mail address thus causing you to receive spam or junk mail. As well, a trojan or a keylogger maybe activated which may collect and/or use personal and private information from your computer. This is commonly known as “Phishing”. You should DELETE all e-mails from senders that you are not familiar with.

Take extra Care …

See these advertisements for the cons that they are. No matter how appealing these offers may sound, trust your good judgement, use your common sense and let these “opportunities” slip into the garbage.

(Never give out your personal information or credit card number to unsolicited callers.)