A term used to describe the sale of goods / services, or canvassing for charities or conducting surveys over the telephone. Telemarketing is a recognized legitimate business practice but may be susceptible to misuse by unscrupulous individuals.


The following are but a few examples of possible scams

"You have won a fabulous valuable prize or cash, but to claim it you must pay taxes, customs or delivery or legal fees.”

Take extra care...

When you’re a winner, you do not have to pay any money for your prize. Do not send them any money or give out your credit card number.

“Could you help needy children, war veterans or disaster victims through our charity? We’ll send someone right over to pick up the cheque.”

Take extra care... 

Many scams are successful because the name of the charity being used in the scam is similar to an easily recognized charity. Scammers also rely on the good will and compassion of people in times of crisis. True charitable causes are worthwhile. Check with Canada Revenue Agency - Charities Division ( 1 800 – 267 – 2384 ) to ensure that the charity is registered. Legitimate charities are frequently listed in the telephone book. If you would like to donate, arrange to have your contribution mailed to them directly.

When you receive an unexpected phone call that requests your participation in a phone survey, be suspicious and cautious.

Take extra care... 

Unscrupulous companies can use this telemarketing technique to obtain your personal information. This may lead to further phone calls that inform you that you have won a prize provided that you view a presentation or purchase an item.. The information that you provide could also lead to identity theft.

“Hi Grandma/Grandpa. Do you know who this is?”

“Is that you John?”

“Yes it is. I have been in an accident and I need help.”

The con-artist claims they need money for bail and they tell the victim not to tell anyone to keep out of trouble. Wanting to help, the victim sends a money transfer through a money transfer agency. The victims don’t verify the story until after the money is sent.

Take extra care..

Most children will contact a parent if they are in trouble or need help. Confirm with other family members before sending money anywhere.