These frauds are schemes that target many victims at the same time whether by telephone, facsimile, postal mail or the internet.  They can involve tasks whereby the victim is directed to use a money transfer company to wire a large sum of money to a name provided.  

Examples of some known Mass Marketing Frauds

•    900 Scams
•    Advanced Fee Letter Fraud (419 / Nigerian Letters)
•    Advanced Fee Loans
•    Anti-Virus Scam
•    Bomb Threat
•    Cheque Overpayment Fraud
•    Dead Air Calls
•    Emergency Scam
•    Extortion Scam
•    False Charities
•    Identity Theft
•    Inheritance
•    Job
•    Lottery Emails
•    Office Supplies / Directory
•    Phishing
•    Phone Number Spoofing
•    Prize Pitch
•    Puppy Scam
•    Pyramid Schemes
•    Recovery Pitch
•    Romance Scam
•    Service Scam
•    Travel
•    Vacation
•    Vehicle Warranty Package

Please visit the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre to increase your awareness of these current scams.