Halloween may be a fun holiday for the kids, but for parents, it can be a little tricky.  Concerns about their child's safety, whether it’s out in the neighbourhood or back at home with their bags of candy, can darken the day more quickly than a black cat!  But not to worry, if parents and children follow some common sense safety tips, Halloween can be a treat for everyone.

Halloween Safety Tips

  • Avoid dark coloured costumes.  Halloween costumes should be bright and made of non-flammable material.  Attaching reflective tape or other light coloured material to the costume helps make trick-or-treaters more visible.  For added safety, have your child use a flashlight.
  • Use make-up instead of a mask.  Masks can be hot and uncomfortable, and more importantly they can obstruct a child’s vision.  If you do decide to use a mask, make the eye holes large enough so that vision is not restricted.  Costumes should also be kept short enough to prevent tripping.
  • Remember to be especially careful around Halloween decorations with candles.
  • Young children should always be accompanied by an adult.  Older children should travel together in pairs or groups.
  • Trick or treat only in your own neighbourhood.  Make sure parents know the route being taken.
  • Make certain that children travel on one side of the street and cross only at corners.  Have them use the sidewalks whenever possible and encourage them to be courteous by not walking over lawns.
  • Trick or treating should occur only in the early evening hours.
  • Instruct children to stand in front of the door at the home.  They should not enter a home under any circumstances.  They should also stay away from any homes that are in total darkness.
  • Once the children arrive home, all treats should be inspected by parents before eating.  And by all means remind them not to eat the candy all at once…or they’ll be feeling pretty ghoulish for a while!

Remember these tricks, and Halloween is sure to be a treat for your entire family!

Further points for discussion

  • With regards to treats, discard anything that looks homemade, is unwrapped or partially unwrapped.
  • Children should not pick up any discarded candy or bags of candy they might find while trick or treating.
  • Parents and kids can avoid trick or treating troubles by organizing a Halloween party.  It can include games, contests, music, scary stories and of course treats. 
  • Civic groups in many communities organize “haunted houses” and other festivities that families can attend.
  • If weapons are a part of a child’s costume, keep it safe by making sure they are made out of cardboard or other flexible materials.
  • Persons out driving their cars on Halloween night must remember to be extra careful and be especially alert for children.