Every three years, we engage in a business plan refit to review and revise our business plan.

The following outlines the steps involved in our planning process:

We study our internal and external environment to pinpoint factors that can significantly influence organizational operations.

Refit participants then engage in a workshop to develop a common understanding of the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats confronting the organization.

Projecting our environment to where we want to be three years down the road, we arrive at a description of the vision of the future.

The purpose and intent of our Service and whom we serve is then validated and reflected in a mission statement.

As our work behaviour and actions are governed by our common beliefs, we update our values to ensure they reflect our vision and mission.

We identify the critical areas that our Service must manage well in the next three years.  Strategic directions represent the gaps between where we are now and where we want to be.

We develop goals to provide a definitive direction for the organization.  Goals describe the desired outcomes or results relating to a strategic direction.

For each goal, we attach performance indicators and a responsible party to follow up with an action plan.        

2016 - 2018 Business Plan

2013 - 2015 Business Plan

2010 - 2012 Business Plan