Hamilton, Ontario,

Cyclist Charged with Weapon Offences after Failing to Stop

An early morning investigation of a cyclist results in his arrest for possession of two concealed weapons. A 33-year-old Hamilton man will appear in court later today to answer to the charges.

On Tuesday, May 7, 2019, shortly before 1:30 a.m., Hamilton Police officers working in plainclothes were proactively patrolling the area of Sherman Avenue South and Main Street East. At that time they observed a male riding a black bicycle northbound on Sherman Avenue with no lights.

Officers followed the male on Sherman Avenue, identified themselves as police and ordered him to stop as they approached Dunsmure Road. The male refused to comply as he continued riding. The officers followed the cyclists until he fell off his bicycle and began running. He was arrested in the area of Wilson Street and Chestnut Avenue after physically resisting arrest. A search of the male revealed he was in possession of a 12” knife concealed under his jacket as well as an expandable baton. Possession of both items, when hidden on a person, is a criminal offence.

Police conducted an investigation into the male’s identity and learned he was currently bound by a court order for a previous sentence for possession of a prohibited weapon. His arrest signified a violation of that court order.

The male was taken into police custody and is scheduled to appear in court on Tuesday, May 7, 2019, to answer to several criminal charges.


  • 12’inch knife
  • Expandable Baton


  • Hamilton male, 33-years-of-age


  • Assault-resist arrest
  • Carrying concealed weapon X 2
  • Adult fail to comply probation
  • Cyclist- Fail to stop, Provincial offence ticket
  • Improper bicycle lighting, Provincial offence ticket