Hamilton Police Continue to Investigate Suspicious Vehicle

Hamilton Police continue to investigate a suspicious vehicle that was observed in the area of Chilton Drive in Stoney Creek.

On Tuesday, December 27, 2022, at approximately 1:00 p.m. a dark grey or black sedan with tinted windows approached a youth and a lone male driver engaged in conversation. The youth walked away and the vehicle fled westbound on Chilton Drive.

The suspect is described as:

·         Male

·         White, pale in complexion

·         50-60 years-of-age

·         Wearing a buttoned shirt

If you have information about this incident or can identify the suspect vehicle you are asked to contact Detective Amberlee Rodgers at 905-546-2919.

To provide information anonymously call Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-8477 or submit your anonymous tips online at http://www.crimestoppershamilton.com

These guidelines will help you to protect yourself and your family in reducing crime and maintaining a more secure and safer environment. 

  • Know your name, address and phone number
  • Learn how and when to call 911
  • If you are scared of someone, run to safety
  • Avoid any shortcuts when you are walking from one place to another
  • Have a "call list" and know how and when to use it
  • Let your parents/guardians know where you plan to be
  • Never talk to people online without your parent/guardian permission
  •  Never accept anything from anyone unless you have permission from a guardian or the person looking after you.
  • NEVER get into anyone’s car or go anywhere with anyone – even with someone you know, unless a parent or caregiver has given permission
  • Walk on well lit streets near the curb and away from alleys, particularly, if you must walk alone at night.
  • If you suspect you are being followed, go to the nearest well lit place or populated area, and yell if necessary to attract attention.
  • Work hard to establish trust and communication with your children
  • Make sure you know how to find or contact your children at all times
  • Take an active role in your children's activities
  • Be aware of which social media platforms and apps your children are using.

To learn more about safety measures for your children, you can visit the following websites:


Get Cyber Safe

NeedHelpNow - Provides guidance on steps to take when dealing with cyberbullying and online exploitation.