Hamilton Police Service Conclude Voter Fraud Investigation

Hamilton Police Service has determined there is insufficient evidence to lay criminal charges in the investigation into allegations of voter fraud at the Hamilton West-Ancaster-Dundas Progressive Conservative Party of Ontario nomination meeting from May 2017.

On May 11, 2017, Hamilton Police received a report from a candidate involved in the nomination meeting claiming voter fraud. The allegation stems from activities related to the ballot box at the credentials referral desk. Based on the seven other ballot boxes, candidate Vikram Singh would have won the nomination, but once the credentials box was included in the final tally, candidate Ben Levitt secured the nomination.

At issue were a number of ballots, all marked in what appeared to be a similar manner, all of which are believed to have originated from the credentials referral desk. These ballots were all votes for Ben Levitt. The investigation revealed that many of the credentials referral forms appeared to have been falsified. Individuals whose names appeared on the credentials referral forms were interviewed, and indicated that they did not attend the meeting and did not vote. Furthermore, one of the identified individuals listed on the credentials referral form had passed away a week prior to the nomination meeting being held.

Over 61 items were seized as evidence over the course of this investigation. This included 1800 PC Party ballots, 345 credentials referral forms and 1648 pages of email correspondence. In addition, Hamilton Police interviewed nearly 150 witnesses from multiple jurisdictions and executed 15 judicial authorizations.

During the extensive investigation, several persons of interest were identified. Two arrests were made, but those individuals were subsequently released unconditionally. Hamilton Police have reviewed the matter with the Crown Attorney and at this time, there is insufficient evidence to proceed with the laying of criminal charges.

The investigation is closed pending any new evidence that may be brought forward.

Anyone with more information in this case is encouraged to contact Detective Constable Adam Jefferess at (905) 546-8969 or can provide information anonymously through Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-8477 submitting anonymous tips online at http://www.crimestoppershamilton.com