Project Daffodil and Hotel Industry Collaborate to Combat Human Trafficking

Project Daffodil

Saturday, May 29, 2021 marks the second anniversary of the launch for the Canadian Centre to End Human Trafficking hotline and the kick-off for Project Daffodil.

Project Daffodil is a collaborative initiative with the Human Trafficking Unit and the hotel industry in the City of Hamilton.

Hotels are known to be on the frontlines of human trafficking. Research has shown that 75% of survivors report having some contact with a hotel during their human trafficking experience.

In response, Project Daffodil was created to provide public awareness and highlight the obvious nexus between hotels and human trafficking. All hotels in the City of Hamilton were asked to support this initiative by displaying Anti-Human Trafficking signage in their establishments.

The Hamilton Police Service wants to recognize the participating hotels for their commitment in the fight against human trafficking and for ensuring a safe environment for their guests.

For more information on Project Daffodil, please contact Detective Constable Michael MacSween at 905-546-3845 or visit the Canadian Centre to End Human Trafficking website on how to identify, report and combat this crime.