Project Recalibrate Results in Over 800 Charges

Hamilton Police have wrapped up Project Recalibrate, which was aimed at addressing increased speeds and stunt driving on Hamilton’s roads.

Since the Provincial State of Emergency was declared on March 17, Hamilton Police had noted an increase in speeding. Over the two-week period, a total of 805 charges were laid, including the following:

  • 637 speeding charges
  • 24 stunt driving charges
  • 1 impaired
  • 143 other traffic-related offences

The other charges laid include operate motor vehicle while suspended, operation motor vehicle without a validation tag, failure to surrender a driver’s licence, and no ownership or insurance slip.

The campaign’s goal was to educate the public and to curb the recent speeding trend on Hamilton roads. Drivers charged with stunt driving face an automatic court date, seven-day driving suspension and lose their car for seven days.

“This number is unacceptable,” said Superintendent Marty Schulenberg. “We know there are fewer vehicles on the road right now but there is still an expectation that drivers will obey the rules of the road.”

Project Recalibrate ran from May 4 to May 17 in various locations across Hamilton. While Project Recalibrate may be over, Hamilton Police continue to enforce traffic laws to ensure Hamilton’s roads are safe for everyone.