Brent Roddick

On the morning of August 25, 1985, Brent Roddick was at his brother’s house on Hamilton’s east mountain. Mr. Roddick and two others noticed that a white Lincoln Continental (later believed to be a 1980-83 Mark VI Signature series with a wheel well cover in the trunk) was circling the house for about an hour. Finally, just after 8 a.m., the dogs inside started barking at someone near the front door. Mr. Roddick went to look outside and was shot as soon as he opened the door. He collapsed and died shortly afterwards. A neighbour saw a male, 6’ tall with dark clothing, running towards a large car which then drove off.

Mr. Roddick had been an active member of the Satan’s Choice Motorcycle Club. There is no doubt that Mr. Roddick’s murder is somehow connected to rival clubs in Hamilton as there was a ‘biker war’ going on at the time. Michael Carey had been murdered in 1984 at the Red Devil’s club house. An attempted murder on another Satan’s Choice member had also occurred during that same year. In December 1983, a small bomb had been detonated at the Satan’s Choice club house on St Matthews St, Hamilton.

Anyone with information about this homicide is being asked to contact S/Sgt Dave Oleniuk Major Crime at 905-546-3829.