Good Samaritan Scam Has Come to Hamilton

A recent scam in the greater Toronto area has made its way to Hamilton and investigators from the Major Fraud Unit want you to be aware.

Over the course of several months, fraudsters in the GTA have been targeting Good Samaritans by using the ruse of coming to the aid of a taxi customer.

The scam involves two suspects and a vehicle resembling a taxi. The taxi is parked in a high traffic area. One suspect poses as the taxi driver and the other suspect poses as a customer. The two pretend to have a loud argument and the taxi driver refuses to take the customer’s cash payment due to Covid-19. A Good Samaritan who is walking by is then approached and asked to help by letting the taxi customer use their debit card to pay for the cab fare in exchange for cash. As the victim inputs their PIN number into the modified Point of Sale terminal, it records their card data and PIN number. Once the transaction clears, the victim is given another bank card, resembling their own. The suspects, who now have the victim’s actual debit card, use the PIN number to process fraudulent transactions. For their assistance, the victim is usually given a $10 bill.

The following tips are provided to lessen the likelihood of being a victim of a point of sale scam:

  • Do not give your card to anyone
  • Do not return a point of sale terminal with your card still inserted
  • Do not make a payment for an unknown person using your personal card in exchange for cash
  • Inspect your card after each transaction to ensure it is your own
  • Cover your fingers when entering your PIN

If you have any information that you believe could assist Police with the investigation into this crime you are asked to contact Acting Detective Sergeant Rob Hardy by calling 905-546-3841.

To provide information anonymously call Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-8477 or submit your anonymous tips online at http://www.crimestoppershamilton.com