"Emergency" or "Grandparent" Scam on the Rise in Hamilton

Grandparent Scam

The Hamilton Police Service has seen an increase in the number of "Emergency" or "Grandparent" scams reported.

Under this scam, the victim receives a call from a fraudster posing as a grandchild or other family member. The fraudster claims they have been arrested and need bail money or financial help in an emergency.

The fraudster will ask the victim not to call other family as they do not want anyone to find out.  Often, the fraudster will turn the phone over to another person, who will claim to be a lawyer or law enforcement official. The victim is then told to send money to a bank account or via courier to an address.

The Hamilton Police provides the following advice should you receive such a call:

•      Be suspicious of calls that demand money or immediate action.

•      No law enforcement agency will demand immediate payment of currency.

•      Never offer information to the caller.

•      If the fraudster asks a question like "Do you know who this is?”, simply say no and have them tell you.

•      Contact another family member to confirm the story.

•      Remember to never send money to someone under uncertain conditions.

•      Don't be afraid to say "No".

Hamilton Police will be offering information sessions to the community to help educate on these types of frauds and what to be aware of.  There will be victims bravely speaking of their experience in hopes to prevent this type of crime happening to them. If you have a loved one or someone who may be vulnerable to this type of fraud please have them attend or attend on their behalf and pass the information on to them.  Lets work together to help prevent this type of crime.

If you believe you have fallen victim to such a scam, please contact the Hamilton Police non-emergency line at 905-546-4925.

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