Hamilton Police Appoint Two-Spirit and LGBTQIA+ Liaison Officer

Hamilton Police have appointed their first Two-Spirit and LGBTQIA+ Liaison officer to liaise with Hamilton’s Two-Spirit and LGBTQIA+community.

Detective Constable Rebecca Moran is an out member of the Two-Spirit and LGBTQIA+ community. She will act as a conduit to address community concerns, as well as initiate outreach to provide information about police process, particularly around how individuals can report to police. Moran will also provide a safe space for individuals to come forward to address concerns or report crime.

“Hamilton Police are committed to strengthening our relationship with the Two-Spirit and LGBTQIA+ community and taking the necessary steps in rebuilding trust. Working in collaboration with the Community Relations Coordinator, we believe our new liaison officer will help us better serve Hamilton’s Two-Spirit and LGBTQIA+ citizens,” says Deputy Chief Ryan Diodati.

Hamilton Police introduced the position at a community meeting with the Two-Spirit and LGBTQIA+ community late last year in response to community concerns. Moran has begun meeting with community members to introduce this new role.

“My hope is this new liaison position will start to build bridges between the Two-Spirit and LGBTQIA+ community and our service. Knowing there is someone in the service they can reach out to that understands their lived experience, could help victims of crime feel more comfortable coming forward to police,” says Detective Constable Moran.

The Two-Spirit and LGBTQIA+ liaison will also collaborate with various police divisions within the service to educate, assist and interact with residents, businesses and organizations about issues facing the Two-Spirit and LGBTQIA+ community and advise on training within the organization.