Hamilton Police Educates Community with Towing Safety Awareness

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In an effort to enhance public safety and streamline traffic management, the Hamilton Police are committed to educating the community on towing practices, ensuring residents are well-informed and equipped to navigate various towing situations effectively.

Key Points for Community Awareness:

1.    Know What to Do: Residents are urged to be familiar with their rights and responsibilities when their vehicle requires towing. This includes understanding associated fees and charges, confirming the tow truck operator's licensing, and knowing the destination of their towed vehicle.

2.    Tow Truck Identification: Authorized tow truck operators must prominently display their business name, phone number, and license number on their vehicles. This information serves as a vital tool for residents to identify legitimate towing services. Additionally, select tow companies in Hamilton have been pre-approved by the police, adhering to an approved fee schedule.

3.    Consent to Tow: In non-emergency situations, tow truck operators are mandated to obtain the owner's consent before towing a vehicle. Governed by the Towing and Storage Safety and Enforcement Act (TSSEA), tow truck drivers cannot offer services within 200 meters of a collision site without proper consent.

4.    Impound Locations: Residents are encouraged to familiarize themselves with designated impound locations in Hamilton. It is advised to decline storing your vehicle unless directed by your insurer. If your vehicle is towed, clear instructions on its retrieval location should be provided. Always refrain from signing any towing contracts without careful consideration.

5.    Emergency Situations: In emergency scenarios, police may authorize tows for public safety reasons. Clear communication with attending officers is crucial to understanding the process and the location to which your vehicle will be taken.

Proactive Community Engagement:

Hamilton Police encourages residents to be proactive in educating themselves about towing practices. This knowledge not only prevents confusion but also ensures a smoother experience during what can be a stressful situation.

Contact Information:

For further information or inquiries about towing, please contact the Hamilton Police at 905-546-4759.

Additional Resources:

Ontario Ministry of Transportation - Tow and Storage Services: Link to the official website

Hamilton Police remains steadfast in its commitment to fostering a safe and well-informed community.