Hamilton Police Introduce Core Patrol in Downtown Hamilton

Core Patrol_1

Beginning on June 26, Hamilton downtown residences and businesses will start to see some familiar faces patrolling the downtown core. In response to requests for increased police presence, Hamilton Police have launched Core Patrol.

Core Patrol is a dedicated team of officers assigned to downtown Hamilton and surrounding neighbourhoods, with a focus on Wellington to Bay and Cannon to Hunter. The officers will engage with individuals, businesses and stakeholders to gather feedback and focus on improving community safety and wellbeing.

“As downtown business owners we can use the support in improving the vibrancy in our city,” said Justine Wilk, Owner and Executive Sous Chef at Gastro Market. “These additional resources will be helpful in attracting more people to spend time downtown.”

The move comes after Business Improvement Areas, community members, residents and stakeholders have been requesting a return of proactive policing in their neighbourhoods.

“We know feeling safe while dining, shopping or visiting the downtown core is important and the presence of Core Patrol is the first step in delivering a positive experience in downtown Hamilton,” said Superintendent David Hennick.

In a recent deputation to the Hamilton Police Services Board, Denninger’s shared that 80 per cent of their staff agree or strongly agree that security and safety on the downtown streets affects their feeling of safety in the workplace and 73 per cent do not feel safe walking in our parking lot when it is dark.

Core Patrol officers will provide a connection to the Social Navigator Program as well as the Rapid Intervention and Support Team to ensure the most vulnerable community members are getting the support they need.