Hamilton, Ontario,

Sharp-Eyed Witness Recognizes Thief and Alerts Police

Hamilton Police arrested and charged a 29-year-old man in relation to the theft of an SUV after he was identified from security footage. The man believed no one was aware he had committed the crime so he returned to the scene the following day. A witness recognized the male and contacted police immediately. The male, who already had an outstanding warrant was arrested and held for a bail hearing.

As in many cases, witness involvement is crucial to solving crimes. Hamilton Police thank the public for their continued support.

On Tuesday, January 15, 2019, shortly before 2:30 p.m., the victim was walking through the parking lot at 977 Upper Ottawa Street, Hamilton when she dropped her car keys. The suspect observed the event, ran over, picked up the keys and stole the victim’s vehicle. The entire incident was captured by security cameras.

On Wednesday, January 16, 2019, shortly before 9:30 a.m. the suspect returned to the plaza where he was spotted by a witness from the day before. Police were notified, attended and detained the suspect. At the same time, the keys to the stolen auto were located in the area where the suspect had been prior to police arrival. The suspect was subsequently arrested.

Through investigation, police learned there was an outstanding arrest warrant for the suspect as well as a valid court order.

The male was held for a bail hearing to answer to several criminal charges.


  • Richard Muley
  • 29–years-of-age of no fixed address


  • Theft over $5000.00 – vehicle
  • Possession over $5000.00
  • Fail to comply probation X2

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