Hamilton, Ontario,

Speeding Draws Police Officers’ Attention

Addressing Highway Traffic Act violations often leads to the discovery of criminal offences. Many traffic stops transition into criminal investigations as elements of a criminal offence are revealed during the interaction with the vehicle occupants.

Yesterday, during two traffic stops for speeding on the Hamilton Mountain, police nabbed drivers who violated their licence conditions. One driver has been held for a bail hearing while the other was released with four court summons.

On Wednesday, January 9, 2019, in the early afternoon, police initiated traffic enforcement on the Lincoln M. Alexander Parkway and Upper Ottawa overpass. The focus was on traffic violations committed by westbound traffic. Shortly before 3:00 p.m., a black BMW sedan was observed travelling at a high rate of speed. A traffic stop was conducted and the driver attempted to obstruct police by providing misinformation. Through investigation, police determined the true identity of the driver. As such, police learned the driver was bound by court conditions, one being, not to operate a motor vehicle.

The driver was arrested and held for a bail hearing at the John Sopinka Courthouse.


  • Male from Brantford- 29 years


  • Fail To Comply Undertaking
  • Obstruct Police Officer
  • Speeding - 111km/hr in a posted 90/hr zone

On Wednesday, January 9, 2019, police were conducting traffic enforcement at the corner of Upper James Street and Alderlea Avenue, Hamilton. Shortly before 2:30 p.m., police initiated a traffic stop on a grey Mazda sedan. It was observed travelling northbound at a high rate of speed on Upper James Street. The driver was the lone occupant of the vehicle and as per his driver’s licence, must be accompanied by a G-class driver. Further investigation revealed the licence plate affixed to the vehicle was not authorized by the Ministry of Transportation and the driver failed to produce valid automobile insurance.

The driver was issued four court summons.

Police continue to investigate the licence plates for the potential criminal offence of, possession of stolen property.


  • Male from Hamilton- 19 years


  • Owner operate motor vehicle on a highway - no insurance
  • Use plate not authorized for vehicle
  • Class G1 licence holder - unaccompanied by qualified driver
  • Speeding - 82 km/hr in a posted 60 km/hr zone