Hamilton, Ontario ,

10-Year-Old Saves His Friend from Drowning in Icy Lake Ontario

A bond between two friends became a little stronger last night when a 10-year-old saved his friend from the icy waters of Lake Ontario. The Hamilton Police ACTION team was in the area at the time and helped pull the child to safety.

On December 19, 2019, shortly before 6:30 p.m., two boys ventured out to the docks on the east side of the Hamilton Bay Sailing Club when one of the boys slipped and fell into the water. By a stroke of luck, the Hamilton Police ACTION team was patrolling the area and noticed a person in the water.

When police located the boys, the one child was almost fully submerged with his friend holding onto him. Police acted quickly and pulled the child out of the water.

EMS attended and the boys were cleared from needing further medical treatment.

When water begins to freeze on rivers, lakes and other open bodies of water, it may look solid but it is often still dangerous. Hamilton Police would like to remind the public about staying safe before venturing onto icy surfaces.


  • Although ice has begun to form on many local bodies of water, it's too early in the season to consider recreational ice activities.
  • The ice in most locations is too thin to safely support the weight of a person. Fluctuating temperatures and weather conditions make the ice unpredictable.
  • At this point, we strongly advise that everyone stay off any frozen bodies of water in our area. Keep children close and pets on a leash, remaining on marked pathways/trails.
  • Ice should be a minimum of 4" thick before walking or skating on it. This guideline applies to clear hard ice only. Do not go out onto grey ice as this indicates the presence of water.
  • If someone falls through thin ice, do not rush in after them. Call 911 immediately. You can try to reach for them with long objects like poles, branches, rope, or a hose.