Enforcement Results from Weekend's Unsanctioned Street Gatherings

Hamilton Police and community partners are releasing enforcement results after a series of unsanctioned street parties in the Westdale and Ainslie Woods neighbourhoods over the weekend.

In addition to police, Hamilton Fire, Hamilton Paramedics, By-law Officers, Parking enforcement officials and Special Constables from McMaster Security all enhanced their staffing and presence to help keep the community and its residents safe.

It is estimated that approximately 6,000 people gathered in the Westdale and Ainslie Woods neighbourhoods at its peak.

The unsanctioned gathering resulted in 60 calls for service, 9 arrests, and a total of 16 by-law charges/ provincial offence notices were issued.

Recently, the City of Hamilton passed a Nuisance Party Bylaw to address large unsanctioned gatherings that are or could become a public nuisance resulting in unreasonable noise, damage or destruction or property, public drunkenness or disorderly conduct or several other factors. It is a contravention of the bylaw to host, attend, permit, continue or refuse to leave an area, once it has been declared a nuisance.

There were 11 tickets issued under the Nuisance Party By-law.


“Working collaboratively with the City, McMaster University and our first responder partners enabled us to address the negative impacts of unsanctioned street gatherings. Community safety and well-being is a shared responsibility and this weekend’s events were a good example of what happens when we work together."

Superintendent Dave Hennick, Hamilton Police Service

 “Thanks to the extensive planning and collaboration between the City, Hamilton Police Service and McMaster University, our teams were able to safely manage crowds in the Westdale and Ainslie neighbourhoods this past weekend. The approval of the new City-wide Nuisance Party By-law by Council proved to be effective and gave teams on the ground an additional tool to ensure the safety of the community and to hold individuals accountable for excessive noise, attending or hosting nuisance parties and gatherings.”

Monica Ciriello, Director, Licensing and Bylaw Services