Hamilton, Ontario ,

Hamilton Police Remind Drivers to get Winter Ready

Snow is just around the corner, so Hamilton Police are reminding drivers to begin adjusting their driving habits to the weather conditions.

Winter weather conditions can be variable and unpredictable, placing extra demands on your vehicle and driving skills.

The following is a list of safety tips that Hamilton Police would like for you to keep in mind:

  • SNOW MEANS SLOW, all drivers are encouraged to reduce speed limits.
  • Allow more leeway time in the morning for travelling to work or school.
  • Give yourself more stopping distance between other vehicles, depending on the road conditions.
  • Make sure tires and wipers are in great condition for winter driving.
  • Make sure windows are clear of all snow and well defrosted before you begin your journey.
  • Be on the lookout for pedestrians, because the days are getting shorter and there are more hours of darkness.
  • Adjust driving habits to the conditions of the road at all times.
  • Expect the unexpected. In winter conditions the possibility of black ice and whiteouts could be present along with the standard snow and slush conditions.
  • Have a safety/survival kit on board. Flares, blanket, shovel, candles, matches, road salt, non-perishable food and a fully charged cell phone if possible

With a well-planned trip, a vehicle that is ready for winter conditions, and obeying the safety points above, everyone should arrive safely at their destination.