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MISSING 12-Year-Old Mckayla Rishaur

Missing 12 year old female

12 year old Mckayla Rishaur was last seen at her family home at 8 pm on November 6th, 2019.  Mckayla  was heard getting ready for school this morning.  Mckayla never arrived at school.  Mckayla has never gone missing.  She is known to frequent the area of Barton and Lottridge. 

Mckayla is described as female white, 12 years old, 5 ft 5, shoulder length blonde hair with bangs, blue/grey eyes, slim build.  She frequently wears jeans or tights and a hoodie.  Her shoes are Michael Jordan runners, black in colour and she is believed to be wearing a military green American Eagle coat with a fur hood.  

If you have information regarding the whereabouts of Mckayla please contact the Division 2 S/Sgt at 905-546-2963.