Register Your Bicycle With The Hamilton Police


Hamilton Police encourage all Hamilton bicycle owners to register their bicycles through a new online bike registry. In the event of theft, Hamilton Police are only able to reunite bikes with their owners if they can identify the bicycle.

On average, 600 bicycles are stolen in Hamilton every year, and only four per cent are recovered. Only 20 per cent of recovered bicycles are returned to their owner because police often have a hard time matching the bicycle to its owner.

“Hamilton Police are determined to change those numbers through our online bike registry and our bike bait program. Registering a bike through our new online bike registry is one way to protect your property,” says Superintendent Dave Hennick.

In addition to the new online bike registry, Hamilton Police have also implemented a Bike Bait program. The program operated over the 2020 season and was deployed in high bicycle theft areas. During the season, the bait bicycle was stolen on average once every 20 hours and 36 minutes of deployment. The program led to the arrest of 10 individuals and over 30 charges.

Bicycle owners should use a good-quality locking device to help deter thieves and file a police report if their bicycle is stolen. For more information on how to register your bike or learn more about the bike registry program, visit online at https://hamiltonpolice.on.ca/how-to/register-my-bike.