Back to School Bus Safety Enforcement and Education

Hamilton Police will be focusing their attention on School Bus Safety and Speeding in School Zones from September 15 to September 25, 2020. As schools begin to open in a staggered fashion, school busses will once again be out on the roads in vast numbers.

The Hamilton Police Service would like to remind motorists about their responsibilities and obligations upon approaching or overtaking a school bus. Drivers must come to a complete stop once the red-flashing lights and stop arm are activated on a school bus. They must remain stopped until the red-flashing lights stop and the stop arm is no longer extended. Additionally, owners of vehicles are liable if the driver of their vehicle does not obey these rules. The fine for not stopping for a school bus, either approaching or overtaking, is $490.00 and 6 demerit points.

With the increase of buses and more traffic on the roads this time of the year, we are increasing our emphasis on driver compliance in school zones which have lower speed limits. These reduced speed zones are important for not only vehicle traffic but for pedestrians as well. Lower speeds reduce collisions that result in injury. Resources will be directed towards school zones and bus routes for the purpose of reducing or eliminating collisions and encouraging adherence to the basic rules of the road.

The Hamilton Police want to ensure that students, staff and the public have a safe return to school.

Let’s do our part to make this a safe year for our students and staff. Please obey the speed limits and stop for school buses.