Project TORQUE (Targeting Operators, Rides and Equipment by Uniform Enforcement)


Project TORQUE is wrapping up with over 1,000 charges for excessive noise, street racing and dangerous driving. Launched in June, Project TORQUE (Targeting Operators, Riders and Equipment by Uniform Enforcement) was created to address community complaints related to traffic.

Hamilton Police Service has seen a significant increase in the number of complaints to the Aggressive Driver’s Hotline with regards to the proliferation of performance vehicles throughout the city. These complaints include loud exhaust systems, illegal light packages, loud stereo systems and the associated behaviours including street racing, dangerous driving and stunt driving. 

Project Torque_Stats-Screen

“We hear you, Hamilton,” says Superintendent Marty Schulenberg, “We’ve listened to residents from Stoney Creek to Waterdown that the excessive noise caused by a small number of cars, trucks and motorcycles is having a negative impact in our community.”

From June 18, 2021 to August 31, 2021, 1047 charges were laid, including the following:

  • 40 Stunt-related charges
  • 40 Vehicles towed
  • 371 Muffler Infractions
  • 580 Other related offences

“While Project TORQUE is over, we will continue to crack down on poor driving behaviours and vehicles with illegal modifications. We encourage residents to keep reporting to assist us in our efforts to keep our roads safe,” says Schulenberg.

To report traffic concerns, contact [email protected] or call 905-546-4756.

Roadway safety is all of our responsibility, the Hamilton Police Service will be doing our part, so please help us and do yours. Let’s all get home safely.