Hamilton Police Launch Project Hook

The Hamilton Police Service launched Project “HOOK” on Monday, June 8, 2020, in response to concerns about accident chasers operating outside of the City of Hamilton bylaw. Hook focuses on two components: to provided public awareness with respect to knowing your rights when you have your vehicle towed and conducting enforcement on violators in order to protect legitimate tow companies.

A common violation includes tow truck operators soliciting business while being within 200 meters of the collision scene or a Collision Reporting Centre.

To date the project has confirmed there continues to be an influx of GTA tow companies operating in Hamilton and several charges have been laid. That being said, Hamilton Police recognize the majority of tow truck operators continue to work within the guidelines.

Hamilton Police are providing the following tips to assist motorists in the event they are involved in a collision or their vehicle becomes inoperable and they require a tow:

  • Do not give up your vehicle to just anyone
  • You have the right to refuse the first tow truck that may arrive at the collision scene
  • Select rotational tow companies have been approved by the Hamilton Police Service and must abide by a pre-approved fee schedule
  • You can arrange your own tow, speak to your Insurance Company for direction
  • Understand the towing and storage fees prior to your vehicle being towed
  • You are entitled to a receipt for the tow service provided

The project remains ongoing as police continue to address the concerns identified.