Hamilton Police Launch Project Recalibrate

Hamilton Police are launching a two-week campaign aimed at addressing increased speeds and stunt driving during Project Recalibrate.

Since the Provincial State of Emergency was declared on March 17, Hamilton Police have noted an increase in speeding on Hamilton’s roads, including a 23 per cent increase in stunt driving. While traffic volume may be lighter due to physical distancing and the closure of non-essential businesses, there is still an expectation that road users will act responsibly and within the law.

“We are committed to making our Hamilton streets safer for all users,” said Superintendent Marty Schulenberg. “While there may be fewer vehicles on the road, we are seeing some drivers take the opportunity to treat our roads like raceways.”

The campaign’s goal is to educate the public and to curb the recent speeding trend on Hamilton’s roads. Drivers charged with stunt driving face an automatic court date, seven-day driving suspension and lose their car for seven days.

“Speeding puts everyone at risk and increases the likelihood of death or serious injury. This behaviour is entirely preventable so we are reminding drivers to slow down and obey speed limits.”

Project Recalibrate will run from May 4 to May 15 and will take place in various locations across Hamilton.